Our mission is to enrich our communities future by helping our students and education system be the best they can be. The foundation will support the Holly Area Schools by acquiring resources and distributing them to individual teachers, administrators and employees of the HAS district. Together we can build a bright future.

Below are our 6 ways we bring our mission to life together.


Enhance, enrich and supplement current education programs

Support and intensify educational leadership

Develop a partnership between Holly Area Schools and the community 

Promote excellence and creativity in teaching

Create innovative instructional activities for both students and educators 

Promote the district and its successes. 


About Us

Find out about our organization, and mission and how with your help we have continued a tradition of giving back to the Holly Area Schools Education system and its community. 


Want to Contribute

Ready to take a step toward helping us achieve our mission? Your donation will enhance, support, and promote a partnership between Holly Area Schools and the community.